Is this the worst student house rules list of all time?

Joke? Not a joke? Just a very well thought out fining system? We don’t know, and we need your help figuring it out. But for God’s sake, don’t consume excessive milk. It’ll cost you.

We all appreciate a well-run ship. So when our pals at Work In Prowess posted a picture of a student house with rather STRIDENT rules we thought to ourselves, PAH. A good, sensible soul with a desire to keep things clicking over smoothly, no doubt.


We were wrong.


Thank you, @workinprowess and @nuclearteeth for this wonderful, wonderful gift:



Surely all a joke? Surely absolutely not? Who even OWNS that many 20ps? Let us know what you think, this is one mystery we’re determined to crack. And Neil is a cat, right?




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